AG Pferd - Event Streaming and Review


HOW our Event video streaming works best

You can stream our videos with every device you like.
Mobile Phones / Tablet PCs / Laptops / Macs / Windows PCs .......
The better the performance of your device and your internet connection, the better the result !

A) First of all
Update /
Install the newest version of your browser.
We strongly recommend the GOOGLE CHROME browser for all
our videos and online courses / events.

B) RESTART your device
lose all not needed autostart apps and
open in a new (Chrome) browser

C) choose the video/s in the catalogue
if you already have a valid ticket/code go to E)

D) how order a ticket / code
Please use the order forms in this catalogue or send an e-Mail to Arno Lindner.
Arno will send you an invoice. After receiving your payment you`ll be send a code via e-Mail.
! Arno doesn`t longer use an automatic shop system - so give him time to work and answer ...

E) open the video by ticking on the link in the catalog
- if you have a valid "master" code the code will open alle the videos of a series

F) enter your personal code
You can use it for 6 month on different devices - but you are not allowed
to use it for more people and it is not allowed / possible to use the code
on more than one device at the same time.
If you need a code for a group of persons, a company, an institute, education
etc. please ask Arno for a special price.

G) Enjoy the video


here you can open the AG Pferd Main-Website in a new browser-window

imprint / Impressum / Anbieter

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Heinrich-Röttgen-Straße 20
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Tel: +49 2461 340430
Fax: +49 2461 340484
VAT Number: DE172703891
Mail: arnolindner(at)