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Welcome to the AG Pferd VIDEO portal

for professionals / equine VETs and therapists / specialists.

Here you can review
our live - online events, our onsite courses, webinars and online conferences.
We host our videos DSGVO conform on the Video Taxi Server (powered by TV1 Germany).
The Video Taxi platform ist also ISO 27001 certified.

How to buy a ticket / code

This site is not a webshop - it is a catalogue - system only.
You`ll always find the newest version of our videos here.
You can play / start them by ticking on the links near the description.
A new bowser window will open.

You need a personal ticket / viewing code.
Please order it by using the forms on this website.

Rebooking: In case that your viewing code has expired
send your code and the date of purchase via e-mail
and ask Arno for a renewal / reviewing code (with a discount)
e-Mail to Arno Lindner

Pricing / Preisangaben

We sell to business- clients only (B2B).
The prices are for a personal ticket / viewing code ( = only for one person )
You can use the tickets / codes for 6 months (after first use) on different devices -
but you are not allowed to use it for more people and it is not
allowed / possible to use it on more than one device at the same time.
If you need a code for a company, an institute, education etc. don`t use
the order forms. Please contact Arno Lindner for a special price.
Trainees, FFP and IVIS Members will get a discount.

All prices are net (without VAT) in Euro.

EU buyers: if you run a business and have a VAT No in the EU you pay net
- private EU buyers (or thus without VAT No) have to add 19% German VAT !
WW buyers: worldwide business buyers (outside the EU) pay prices net in Euro
- Please note: You`ll have to give us a certificate for our tax office.

Deutsche Kunden
zahlen den Nettopreis zzgl. 19% MwSt.
Aufgrund der Deutschen / Europäischen Steuergesetzte gilt folgende Regelung:
Der Codeverkauf erfolgt ausschließlich an Unternehmen, Freiberufler, Geschäftskunden und Bildungseinrichtungen.

Save money with our package deals

- Package deals for participants of our courses
- Package Deal Cardio and CT / MRI series
- Discount for Trainees, IVIS and FFP Members


You can stream our videos with every device you like.
Mobile Phones / Tablet PCs / Laptops / Macs / Windows PCs .......

The better your device (screen resolution / grafic card / memory) and your internet connection, the better the result !

You`ll always see the video in the best quality that your system allows.

The Video Taxi system tests your internet connection and your device and broadcast the best quality for your setup.
So it is possible to see the content in SD / HD / FullHD / 2K or 4K .


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